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Update XII

Ave Imperator, Force Commanders.

We are delighted to have the Update XII trailer showcased during the Warhammer Skulls Showcase today! In case you missed it, you can discover all the additional content available now for free in Update XII down below.


In the name of the Emperor, you are duty bound to assume your role in the new Bloom Assault mission type and prepare to engage a new enemy in Nurgle’s base and foul army.

Bloom Assault Missions

Vakir’s field agents have collected additional Bloom Seeds and stored them in Sanctified Servitors within an Astra Militarum outpost. This outpost is being relentlessly assaulted by the forces of Nurgle and the Baleful Edict must intervene.

Bloom Assault missions are an alternate Seeding mission type where you will escort a precious cargo of Bloom Seeds, dropping in to save as many as possible while destroying enemy reinforcements. New objectives and Glorious Deeds will provide additional boons if you are successful in protecting this vital research resource. These new missions will become available after completing the “Research the Seed” objective in the Campaign.

The War Dog Stalker

Furthermore, the Baleful Edict’s Prognosticars have identified a new daemonic presence deploying across the sector. The War Dog Stalker is a deadly threat, with an arsenal of weaponry which can be deployed at any range; their Daemonbreath Spear is a Melta weapon which can quickly vaporise armour at a distance, whilst their Reaper Chaintalon offers both offensive and defensive close-combat capabilities. Despite the War Dog Stalker’s size, Force Commanders should be wary of their mobility on the battlefield and the ferocity with which they hunt their foes.

The War Dog Stalker is the last Technophage Elite unit that you will encounter. They are powerful ranged combatants with single-target and blast weapons, so you will need to get in close and use body part targeting or go for an all-out assault with Armour Break to defeat these vicious foes.

The War Dog Stalker is equipped with the following:
Daemonbreath Spear: a medium-range Melta weapon that deals high single-target damage and vaporizes Armour.
Reaper Chaintalon: used for offense and defense with a powerful but narrow melee strike and a wide, sweeping Overwatch-like ability (see Sweeping Talon).
Havoc Multi-Missile Launcher: a weapon that can hit multiple targets in an area.

Sweeping Talon: an Overwatch-like ability that protects the War Dog Stalker from melee attacks from Power Armoured Units in a specific direction by knocking them away as they enter or act within its range. Can be Disrupted or waded through by the Dreadnought or Terminator Armoured Player Units. Damages all units within range when it triggers.
Cover Shot: the War Dog Stalker gets a Cover Shot with its Missile Launcher on Ambush.
Putrid Carapace: protects the War Dog Stalker from Armour Pierce. Using Armour Break is crucial to lower the unit’s Armour and consistently reduce its HP.
Destructive Movement: as a Large unit, the War Dog Stalker can pass through destructible environments as it moves.

We trust that the Prognosticars’ intel has prepared you for the Bloom Assault Missions and War Dog Stalker units arriving in Update XII alongside the myriad of other improvements.

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