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Update XIII - Coming 25 July

Ave Imperator, Force Commander.

We’re delighted to announce a free update with additional content and improvements will be making its way to Warhammer 40:000®: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters on 25 July! To ensure that Strike Team Xiphos is sufficiently prepared, here’s an overview of what you can expect:


The polluted ranks of Nurgle’s army continue to bloat and spread, this time giving rise to the Tainted Sons. This foul ilk is a new spawn group consisting of:

The Nurgling Swarm

Exclusive to the Tainted Sons spawn group, the Nurgling Swarm applies buffs to all Daemons, making it a priority target.

The Plague Surgeon

This single-target support unit will heal and buff its allies and further multiply the benefits of their mutations. While most frequently seen accompanied by the other Tainted Sons, the Plague Surgeon is also known to appear and aid other clusters of enemies.

The Beast of Nurgle

This mid to late game unit is a physically commanding enemy that will barrage you with melee attacks while soaking up damage for other Daemons. Allow it to get close, and it will immobilise your Grey Knights and focus them down until they are eliminated. Do not allow this fate to befall your units.

The Tainted Sons generally have high HP and ready access to Mutations, but low Armour and Resistance. This proclivity for Mutations appears as a Tainted Sons Boon status effect. The Boon has a 15% chance to cause the unit to Mutate when attacked, so dealing high damage bursts will be key.

The Beast of Nurgle

Warp Surge Events

In addition to the new enemies, the battlefield itself grows increasingly dangerous. Two new Tentarus Strain Warp Surges are being detected:

  • The Generous Effusions Warp Surge causes enemies to explode for three turns, buffing the health of their nearby allied units (+3HP).
  • The Roiling Mutations Warp Surge event will cause all enemies on the map to mutate.
The Generous Effusions Warp Surge


Gear up for battle with brand new Wargear options for your Grey Knights. Strategic deployment of this additional equipment will turn the tide in your favour in the fight against Nurgle’s plague:

Purgation Skull

This Wargear Purges a single enemy up to a range of 10 tiles, ignoring cover. At Tier 2, it afflicts Burning for three turns which becomes five turns at Tier 3.

Autoloader Skull

The autoloader skull executes all its targets Reload abilities (both if the Dreadnought is targeted) at a range of up to 10. Tiers 2 and 3 each increase the ammunition of the Wargear by 2.

Rad Grenade

The Rad Grenade deals a Blast Attack at range 10, afflicting enemies with the Bleed 3 effect. This becomes Bleed 4 and 5 at Tiers 2 and 3 respectively.

Rad Grenade Wargear

We trust that receiving this intel ahead of Nurgle’s machinations will allow you time to prepare. More information about the upcoming changes will be revealed throughout this month.

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