• Grey Knight Classes

    Command your own, personalised squad of Grey Knights; learn a range of diverse skills and psychic abilities, and unlock powerful new equipment.

  • Ranged Attacker

    Ranged Attacker



    A ranged heavy-weapons specialist. With a coldly determined advance, the Purgator can unleash a steady stream of devastating fire with unerring accuracy.

  • Healer




    A combat medic and physician. With unyielding courage, the Apothecary serves as a squad healer, tending to the wounds of his allies in the heat of battle.

  • Scout




    A fast-moving skirmisher and combatant. By utilising a personal-sized teleporter, the Interceptor can swiftly move around the battlefield and appear behind enemy lines to dispatch key enemy targets.

  • Tank




    A front-line heavy-hitting warrior. Armed with devastating weapons and bolstered by blessed armour, the Justicar charges headlong into the heat of battle, withstanding the corruption of Nurgle’s vile champions.

  • Duty Eternal Classes

    Bring fear and fury from your thunderous Dreadnought, and invoke the Machine God with the all-new Techmarine, helping you to further your campaign against the forces of Nurgle.

    DLC Duty Eternal
  • Support




    The Techmarine, a warrior-smith of the Grey Knights. Wielding boltguns, Omnissian-Power Axes and a unique Servo-Harness, they dismantle and disrupt Nurgle’s forces.

  • Heavy Firepower

    Heavy Firepower



    Inter your fallen brothers in the Venerable Dreadnought and unleash vengeance with a devastating array of weapons! Crush and burn with the Nemesis Doomfist and Heavy Flamer, or purge from afar with the powerful, armour-melting Twin-Linked Lascannon.

    The Venerable Dreadnought is only available on Technophage Outbreak missions.

Your Ship And Your Crew

Upgrade your base of operations, the Baleful Edict, with the support of a varied cast of characters.

  • Vardan Kai

    Vardan Kai

    A Grand Master of the Grey Knights and Steward of the Armoury of the Grey Knight’s homeworld, Titan.

  • Inquisitor Vakir

    Inquisitor Vakir

    An Imperial Inquisitor, whose ambition will stop at nothing to root out and put an end to Nurgle’s Bloom.

  • Dominus Lunete

    Dominus Lunete

    An ancient Tech-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus, responsible for tending to the needs of the ship.

  • Brother Ectar

    Brother Ectar

    A veteran Purifier with a well-honed sense of “knightly duty”, guiding and advising you under the tenants of the Grey Knights.

Enemy Intel

Face the ever-evolving minions of Nurgle, from shambling Poxwalkers to unrelenting Blightlord Terminators and greater daemons!

  • Poxwalker


    Shambling across the battlefield, Poxwalkers are unliving weapons, clawing, grasping and gnashing any unlucky to be in their path.

  • Foetid Bloat-drone

    Foetid Bloat-drone

    With buzzing turbines, this hideous Daemon-powered war engine soars through the air. Its mobility allows the Foetid Bloat-drone to annihilate from afar or up close in melee combat.

  • Plaguebearer


    Armed with ever-evolving mutations and risen from the blighted victims of Nurgle’s contagions, the vile Plaguebearers spread corruption in their wake.

  • Plague Marine

    Plague Marine

    Bloated and festering with corruption, Plague Marines are the mainstay of the Death Guard, the Traitorous Legions of Nurgle. They resiliently march forward, unrelenting and unyielding.

Officio Assassinorum

Wield the power of the Officio Assassinorum to combat the forces of Nurgle alongside your Grey Knights.

DLC Execution Force
  • Vindicare Assassin

    Vindicare Assassin

    Sniper expert, precise eliminator of targets, deadly accuracy from afar. 

  • Callidus Assassin

    Callidus Assassin

    Deceptive infiltrator, shapeshifter, confuses and strikes from within enemy lines. 

  • Culexus Assassin

    Culexus Assassin

    Nullifies psychic energy, disrupts powers, terrifies psykers with anti-psyker aura. 

  • Eversor Assassin

    Eversor Assassin

    Genetically enhanced melee killer with combat ​stims​​ ​and explosives, clears enemies ferociously. 

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