Developer Diary 2 - Seeding the Bloom

Ave Imperator, Force Commander!

Ready your Storm-bolter and Nemesis Force Sword, for today we're taking a closer look at the foul forces of Nurgle and his plague, the Bloom.

In the second entry to our three-part Developer Diary series, Complex Games’ Creative Director Noah Decter-Jackson, Lead Designer Peter Schnabl and Senior Programmer David Reimer introduce the campaign’s main antagonists and how you will combat the corrupting power of the Bloom!

Iconic Black Library author Aaron Dembski-Bowden also joins the developers, giving us the low-down on Nurgle's minions and sharing insights on how unpredictable Warp Surges can occur on infected planets during missions, summoning enemy reinforcements or strengthening their heretical abilities!

It is not only Nurgle's champions that evolve throughout the campaign, but the Bloom as well. Learn more about some of ‘strains’ you will encounter throughout the campaign, further increasing the hazards and dangers presented to you as Force Commander.

While you will encounter Plague Marines, Helbrutes and Great Unclean Ones… all of these will pale in significance when faced with the wrath of a fallen son...