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Silent Shadows Descend: The Execution Force Arrives July 25

We do not determine the guilty; we do not decide the punishment; we are merely the cold instruments of the Emperor's vengeance.

Ave Imperator, Force Commander!

Today we are thrilled to announce Execution Force, a new DLC coming to Warhammer 40,000®: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters on July 25 alongside the Free Update.

Execution Force is a brand new DLC for the base game available for £12.99/$14.99/€14.99 on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Be sure to Wishlist it now to ensure you’re notified as soon as the DLC is available.

The Imperial Assassins Arrive

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters - Execution Force

Execution Force will introduce four brand-new units for your strike team to deploy. Harness unique skills and unleash devastation using agents of the Vindicare, Eversor, Culexus, and Callidus Temples. These fearsome operatives bring unparalleled skills and abilities and will be available for deployment on any mission once requisitioned through progressing a timeline event in the main campaign. The strike force you send on a mission can contain any combination of Grey Knights and Assassins, but only one of each Assassin type.


Execution Force - Assassins Screenshot

Master the art of precision and eliminate high-value targets from afar with the Vindicare Assassin. Armed with a powerful sniper rifle and unmatched marksmanship skills, this sniper specialist can neutralise enemy commanders and key threats with deadly accuracy.

It’s Precision Targeting allows you to critically wound your enemies from a distance and apply the Bleed effect, gradually draining their HP. The powerful Deadshot ability also allows it to kill any organic target instantly.

The Vindicare’s armoury includes the Exitus Rifle (offering Precision Targeting), the Exitus Pistol (a reliable secondary weapon with unlimited ammunition), and the Stealthsuit – armour that gives access to a Stealth ability.


Execution Force - Assassins Screenshot

Unleash unrelenting fury with the Eversor Assassin. This melee-oriented unit operates through its unique Sacrifice mechanic. The Eversor’s abilities are not capped by Willpower or Cooldowns but require the expenditure of HP which can be recovered through melee kills. The Eversor comes equipped with a Power Sword that applies bleed and can convert accumulated bleed into immediate high damage. It also carries an Executioner Pistol with a Needler attack which lowers enemy Resistance. The Eversor’s Synskin Bodyglove is armour which provides it with immunity to Autos.


Execution Force - Assassins Screenshot

Harness the psychic nullifying powers of the Culexus Assassin. This anti-psyker specialist boasts complete immunity to psychic attacks, so is highly effective in countering enemy psykers and Daemonic units. It can also exert a level of control over Warp Surges. Its equipment includes the Animus Speculum, a helmet that functions as its sole weapon and the Synskin Bodyglove armour.


Execution Force - Assassins Screenshot

Embrace the art of deception and infiltration with the Callidus Assassin. Equipped with advanced recon abilities which allow it to approach enemy squads without triggering combat. Its abilities circumvent enemies with high Armour and HP. The Phase Sword gives this Assassin Armour Pierce while its Neural Shredder applies Stun or disabling afflictions from range. It also wears the Synskin Bodyglove armour.

New Missions: The Tentarus Hive and Boarding Actions

The Execution Force DLC also presents two new mission types to put your new Assassin units and skill as Force Commander to the test.

Tentarus Hive Missions

Dive into the heart of the Tentarus strain of the Bloom. In these missions, Strike Force Xiphos will be tasked with destroying a Tentarus Hive. Initially, the Hive will prove invulnerable until five Hive Germs are eradicated. Scour the map to locate and eradicate them. Destroying the Hive Germs will prove difficult. The Tentarus Hive itself can regularly summon reinforcements and fire a long-range blast. Will you keep your units together and bear the brunt of these effects or risk splitting the group to quickly complete your objectives?

Execution Force - Tentarus Hive Screenshot

Boarding Action Missions

These missions will thrust the Grey Knights within the Death Guard cruiser’s interior to destroy its Power Generators. Race against the clock to achieve your goal or suffer the consequences. A failed effort to disable the cruiser will result in heavy damage to the Baleful Edict. Success will render significant rewards. Both Death Guard Boarding and Tentarus Hive missions feature five new map variants.

Execution Force - Boarding Actions Screenshot

In addition to the above, the Execution Force DLC will bolster your armoury with new weapons and armour. Use them effectively in combination with the new Assassin units to address the rising threat of the Bloom. More details and information about all the content above will be shared between now and launch, so be sure to stay tuned to our socials.

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