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Update VIII

New FREE UPDATE Features:

Ave Imperator, Force Commander!

Update VIII, the FREE UPDATE for Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters will be available from 3PM UTC today alongside our first DLC - Duty Eternal!

Below are the new features and improvements coming with today's update.

New Enemies
  • Three new Death Guard enemies come to the Tyrtaeus Sector:
  • Anti-Armour Plague Marines - Posing an unwavering threat to even the most heavily armoured Grey Knights, this Plague Marine variant is equipped with armour-sundering arsenal, wielding a Meltagun and Krak Grenades.
  • Noxious Blightbringer - Living conduits for the Garden of Nurgle, The Noxious Blightbringers render their rivals feeble as they strip away armour bonuses, effectively nullifying Aegis Shield, Fortress and other defensive Grey Knights abilities.
  • Fleshmower Feotid Bloat-Drone - New Foetid Bloat-drone variants come armed with a Fleshmower, capable of projecting punishing attacks through the land, and unforgivingly any Grey Knights who dare stand before them.
Retraining Grey Knights
  • Grey Knights can now be retrained by paying Requisition. 
  • Grey Knights retrained in this way will go on assignment for some time and when they return they will now have their ability points available to be re-invested as you wish.  
  • Players can still Commune with the Fallen to retrain a Grey Knight instantly. 
New Warp Surges
  • Two new Warp Surges have been added and can appear to meddle with your Grey Knights.
Enemy Info View
  • Players can now see an enemy’s Precision Target points when inspecting an enemy in the Info View screen.
New Settings Menu Options
  • A few settings have been added or combined in our Graphics and Settings menus to give players more control over how they play.
  • We have added new settings to turn on or off mouse edge scrolling and a new graphics setting for Decal Quality low or high.  The low Decal Quality option will turn off Light Probes and High Quality Blending. 
  • We have combined the Debris Quality and Lifespan settings into a single Debris setting.
  • The Codex in the Settings Menu will now contain a description for the Smoke Environmental Hazard created by Smoke Grenades.
  • We now support Japanese and Korean language options
Event and Story Changes
  • If the player ignores Ectar’s warning to start the Purgation Ritual, the Morbus Track will now flash full pips to let the player know that if they continue to ignore him they will lose the game.
  • Events with multiple options will have a short button lock so that quickly clicking an option won’t select the next option in the event.
  • Added the numbers 5 - 8 for Grey Knights chosen for the Rear Guard team when viewing the Barracks menu whilst making assault teams for the Final Battle.
  • Added a confirmation popup when restarting a mission so that this isn’t done in error.
  • During Ship Combat events. The upper right Ship status display will display red if the ship is at 2 hull points remaining or less to let players know there is a danger the ship could be destroyed.
Execution Camera
  • Improved the way Execution animations are displayed. 

Performance Improvements:

We have made a large number of performance improvements that should help low-end and a number of PC configurations.

  • We have also added a new graphics setting to allow players to turn off Decals which can improve performance significantly for certain machines.
  • A major adjustment has been made to lighting and meshes, as well as the combat HUD to improve performance. 
  • Lighting and shadows have been optimised for all combat cinematics and map introductions.
  • Removed some unnecessary effects on combat cinematics.
  • Reduced the number of particle effects on damaged and destroyed objects to help improve performance
  • Improved the performance of ground hazard visual effects.
  • Minor performance improvements were made on shaders.
  • Increased performance of the fog in general.
  • Improvements made to shadows.
  • Adjustments have been made to dismembered body parts to improve performance.
  • Optimised the AI algorithm enemies use to choose a movement path. This should reduce the slight delay that sometimes occurs before enemies move.
  • A number of improvements have been made that shorten the time between enemy units turns. 

Balance Changes:

  • All bosses are now immune to the Pinned Affliction.
  • Stunning Cruciatus while he is in the middle of charge-grabbing a Grey Knight will interrupt the grab.
Crazed Affliction
  • When enemies are Crazed, they will now make a roll at the start of each turn. There is a 50% chance that the unit will act normally (i.e., as though it were not Crazed) and a 50% chance that it will act Dominated instead.  
Dominated Affliction
  • Dominated enemies will now also be considered Disrupted and won’t use their Autos.  
Disrupted Affliction
  • The Myphitic Blighthauler Frag Grenade Barrage can now be disrupted.
  • The Helbrute’s Plasma Cannon Charge Shot can now be disrupted.
  • The Helbrute’s Enraged Rush Auto can now be disrupted.
  • Blightlord Champions will no longer use Defend while disrupted.
  • Chaos Spawn will no longer use Death Grip while disrupted.
  • Foetid Bloat Drones will no longer use Saturation Bombing while disrupted.
  • Aeger will no longer use Nurgling Spew while disrupted.
  • Grey Knights can no longer set up an Overwatch when Disrupted.  
  • Grey Knights and enemies can no longer use Reaction Strike on passing units while Overwatching.  
  • Taunt now has a range of 0 and is centred on the Grey Knight.  
Spread Attacks
  • Spread attacks have been updated to no longer damage or affect targets behind full cover.  
  • Some spread attack abilities will now have an Ignore Half Cover note added to their tooltip.  These abilities will no longer have reduced damage against targets behind half or partial full cover.  
  • Upgrades that provide the Ignore Cover effect will now append this bonus to the description of abilities they affect so that it is clearer.
Grandmaster Mode
  • You will no longer be able to restart a map in Grandmaster Mode.  
  • Bloomspawn Sprouts and Stems will now be able to shoot over cover with their mortars and damage Grey Knights on the other side.
  • When revealing a Bloomspawn in Growing missions the reinforcement portal will be skipped if the player is already overwhelmed with enemies.  
Wound Penalties

The Max HP penalty for taking Light Wounded and Wounded Grey Knights on a mission will now scale with difficulty.  This will have the result of making Merciful a bit more lenient and Ruthless and Legendary more punishing.  

  • Merciful: -2/-4 HP
  • Standard: -3/-6 HP
  • Ruthless: -4/-8 HP
  • Legendary: -5/-10 HP
Ability Targeting
  • Abilities and Stratagems that refer to Grey Knights will now only affect organic targets (ie: Grey Knights and Vakir). Abilities that say they affect Grey Knights will not work on Servitors, Dreadnoughts, and Lunete. 
  • The only exception is Gate of Infinity, both the Stratagem and Ability. It will teleport Servitors with their Techmarine but will not teleport Lunete or the Dreadnought.  
  • Abilities and Stratagems that target all Allies or all Grey Knights will cause the targets that will be affected to be highlighted.
Plaguebearers and Plagueridden
  • Daemons with the Auto Resurrect mutation will now produce a Resurrection Emblem even if killed when Stunned.  Daemons with the Disrupted Affliction will still not drop emblems on death.
  • Autogun Cultists will now prefer other actions than Overwatch when there are already many enemy units currently in Overwatch. 
  • All Stratagems, other than Orbital Bombardment, are now tagged as Psychic abilities.

Bug Fixes:

Grey Knights

Castellan Crowe
  • Castellan Crowe will now appear 15 days rather than 1 day after the first Grandmaster’s Report after the Nexus Mission.  This was always the intended arrival time.
  • Fixed a few small visual issues with Castellan Crowe on the ship.
  • Adjusted the timing on Vakir’s punch visual effects.
  • Vakir will no longer strangely pop into the Teleportarium during the teleport up cutscene after the Nexus mission.
  • Vakir is no longer able to shoot ranged interactables.
Display and Art Issues
  • Grey Knights that fall in combat will now have their name properly displayed on their stasis chamber.
  • The Terminator Justicar head options 2 and 3 were displaying a psychic hood which should only be available for a Librarian.  We have removed these options for the Terminator Justicar.
Other Bugs
  • Grey Knights can no longer gain the Crazed Affliction.  It never did anything when they received it, this is simply a display error.


Justicar Abilities
  • Fixed an edge case where a Grey Knight could end a Crushing Charge stuck inside an enemy unit or pass through a wall without destroying it.
Apothecary Abilities
  • Biomancies and Battlefield Medicine will now properly preview how many Action Points will be left after using the ability.
  • While self-healing when Battlefield Medicine is Warp Charged it will properly preview how much is healed. 
  • Nartheciums that apply Purge or Armour Break will no longer apply these to Grey Knights that are targeted with Battlefield
  • Adjusted the sound effect mix for the Scourging ability for Apothecaries.
Interceptor and Librarian Abilities
  • The Teleport move line will now look smoother.
  • Teleport abilities will now properly deal damage to the Grey Knight if they are affected by the Punish the Witch Affliction.
Purgator Abilities
  • Fixed an issue with ammo bonuses not properly affecting ammo amounts after saving and loading.
Paladin Abilities
  • The Warp Charged version of Emperor’s Will can no longer be activated if a Grey Knight has 0 Willpower.
Chaplain Abilities
  • Activated Litanies will display just the word ‘deactivate’ on the confirm button when you mouse over that ability in the action bar.
  • Activated Litanies will properly display their ability text in the ability description box instead of just ‘deactivate’ so that players can review what the active Litany does.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Grey Knight’s Overwatch cone to visually disappear in a very specific situation.
  • Enemy and Grey Knight Overwatch will now use a consistent centre position when checking if a unit is “in the Overwatch” which will ensure that, regardless of if a unit moves or uses an ability while in an Overwatch, it will trigger the Overwatch.  
Aegis Shield
  • Fixed an issue where Aegis Shield would sometimes give an incorrect preview of gained armour.
  • The Lighting Reflexes talent will no longer incorrectly display a +20% application chance for the Purge affliction instead of the correct +10%.  This is a display issue only and the Talent was functionally working correctly in combat.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the healthbar of Grey Knights revived with the Righteous Endurance Stratagem to display incorrectly.


  • Fixed an issue where selecting and cancelling a Servo-Skull ability would allow Grey Knights to walk through one another.
  • Servo-Skulls pathing has been improved overall and should now be able to consistently travel to the edge of their depicted range.
  • All Servo-Skulls can now be used up to their ammo limit as many times per turn as the player would like. The once-per-turn cooldown has been removed.  
  • When switching between Power Armour and Terminator Armour, equipped Servo-Skulls will no longer disappear visually in the barracks.
Ranged Weapons
  • Incinerator type weapons will now always ignite ground hazards and detonate explosives
Equipment Name Changes
  • Two weapons, a Daemonhammer and Psilencer, were both named Test of Faith.  We have renamed the Daemonhammer to Blessing of Faith.
  • We have renamed a set of Power Armour to Legion of Will.
Art Issues
  • Fixed a small visual issue with equipped Falchions while wearing Terminator Armour.
  • Fixed some small visual issues with the Storm Bolter Apostate’s Woe.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Armour/Weapon Upgrades to appear beneath grenades in the loadout menu.
  • The loadout display for a Grey Knight in the Barracks will now always display their ranged weapon first then any melee weapon they may have equipped rather than a random order.
  • The Ward of Osseus will no longer appear to have black Purity Seals when viewed from some angles
  • Fixed some small visual clipping with the chest trinket options.
  • Galarr’s Spirit will no longer be very shiny in the Teleportarium.


Glorious Deeds
  • Bloomspawn Spores were missing from the Spreading mission Ruined Facility -  Jungle.  This was making the Extract Seeds Glorious Deed impossible on this mission.  We have added an appropriate number of Bloomspawn Spores to that map to remedy this. 
  • If the last enemy killed on a map is a Bloomspawn Grower or Spreader, it will now properly count toward the Kill x Enemies Deeds.
Other Map Bugs
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Grey Knight pathing to break and cause odd movement issues on maps that had significant destruction of the environment.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause enemies to appear to fall through the floor when moving or hurdling on high elevations. 
Map Layout 
  • Fixed some locations on maps where Grey Knights in Terminator Armour could become stuck.
  • The cover and Bloomspawn Spore in the Spreading mission Cemetery Hill - Night have had their locations adjusted so that the Bloomspawn Spore’s seed cache can be collected.
Patrols and Enemy Placement
  • Adjusted the enemy patrol points in the Spreading mission Highway - Desert so that enemies can’t be spotted with a large gap between the Grey Knights and the patrol point.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the initial placement of enemy units on a map to destroy destructible objects which could cause enemies that were far away to become aggroed and active even if they were far away from the Grey Knights.
Environment Object Updates
  • Fixed an issue where junk piles on maps were incorrectly still providing cover after they had been destroyed.  
  • Fixed an issue where the industrial wall with a skull feature was not correctly blocking line of sight.
  • Replaced the pillar in the Flowering Mission Crumbling Tower - Desert with the correct version of pillar for that level.
  • Destroying statues or stairs will no longer spawn in the incorrect husk.
  • Staircase railings will properly be damaged or destroyed when mantled.
Outskirts Changes
  • Fixed inconsistent issues on the outskirts of some of our story maps.
  • Reduced the camera clipping that could occur on out of bounds elements on some maps. 
  • Reduced the amount the camera could go into the outskirts on some maps.
  • Adjusted the fog plane on some maps to ensure the fog looks more natural.
  • Art Changes
  • Made a large number of small art changes to all maps to reduce flickering, clipping and floating objects.  We have also improved the fidelity of environments when moving between close and far camera zoom in general.
  • Adjusted the dynamic shadow mesh tools to ensure that casted shadows appear more normal in all cases.

General Combat

  • A number of visual changes have been made to make movement appear smoother.
  • Adjusted the way that Grey Knights move, particularly when vaulting or jumping.
  • If a Grey Knight is knocked back while climbing a wall, their weapons will no longer appear invisible.
  • Fixed an issue where the proper sound effect wouldn’t play when climbing some walls.
  • Grey Knights will no longer play their in cover sound effects when loading a save in combat.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause units to maintain their cover bonus even after their cover had been destroyed.
Healthbars and Damage Previews
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Affliction and Boon icons on healthbars to disappear after loading a save.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the healthbar damage preview to become stuck when stepping out to make an attack or throwing a grenade.
  • Moving in an Overwatch should now properly preview exactly how much damage the Grey Knight will take from the Overwatch.
Interactable Objects
  • Fixed an issue that could cause you to target an enemy while cancelling a pillar interaction.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause fire bowls to not be fiery enough.
  • Removed the info button from the Vengeance Turret, Eldar Turret and Hailer Skull healthbars since these units can’t be viewe in the Unit Info View screen.
  • Pillars should provide the correct cover from all directions now.
  • Fixed an issue that made appear that a Grey Knight could walk on some shootable crates that they couldn’t.
  • Unit Info View
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Grey Knight portraits to disappear after using Unit Info View.
  • Using Info View on enemies in the fog will now properly show them in the Unit Info View screen rather than having them invisible.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the floor to have a number of visual oddities when using Unit Info View.
  • Interactable indicators will no longer show over a unit when viewing them in Unit Info View screen.
  • Enemies that die from the Burning Affliction will no longer count for the Blood for the Blood God Achievement.
Other Combat Bugs
  • Enemy squads that are killed while in the fog will now properly clear their location marker as well.
  • Killing an enemy at the same time as you apply an Affliction that will alter its behaviour such as Crazed, Panicked or Enraged will no longer softlock.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause, upon saving, a fall sound effect to become looped.
  • Grey Knights that are Critically Wounded in the process of making a ranged attack will no longer complete the ranged attack.
  • Made a small visual change to the Noctilith Crown Objective marker so it would no longer overflow its box.
  • Adjusted the location of Affliction and Boon tooltips.
  • Saving and loading will no longer cause a Grey Knight’s portrait to disappear if they died in a way that destroyed their corpse, such as falling off the map.


  • Kadex’s copies will now properly show Affliction and Boon icons on their healthbars same as the real version to prevent players from using this to find the real Kadex easily.
  • Critically Striking Kadex’s clones will no longer use the Precision Targeting flow. This change was made because Precision Targets on the clones are irrelevant; the clone will just disappear after the hit.
  • Grey Knights killed by the Effigy of Death on the Malathian Reaper fight will no longer have all the Boons and Afflictions they had before they died if they are revived with the Righteous Endurance Stratagem.
  • We have increased the time that the Effigy description stays on screen for the Malathian Reaper fight.
  • The visual effects that link Malathian to his Effigies will no longer disappear if you load a save during the Reapear fight.
  • Malathian should no longer spontaneously destroy cover around himself when the camera pans to him.
  • Fixed a softlock on the Aeger Reaper fight that could happen if he used Come Home My Children while standing in fire.
  • Fire Bowl fire damage will now properly kill Nurglings.
  • Munificus will no longer spawn extra body parts when you cut off a body part.
  • The Mucal Blast sound effect has been adjusted to have a quieter reverb.
  • The visual effects that show which area of the map will fall will now properly persist after loading a save on the Morgellus boss fight.
Chaos Spawn
  • Killing a stunned Chaos Spawn will no longer take you to Precision Targeting and will properly harvest any seeds on it since the Chaos Spawn cannot be executed.
Feotid Bloat-Drone
  • Reduced the delay before the Foetid Bloat-drone Destabilize animation.
  • Fixed an issue that could softlock the game if you killed a Feotid Bloat-Drone near the edge of the map.
  • Adjusted the timing of the Blightlord Champion’s Defend Attack sound effect to better match the timing of the action.
  • Blightlord Terminators will no longer throw grenades when their arm is cut off. 
Plaguebearers and Plagueridden
  • Plaguebearers and Plagueridden that die with the Resurrection mutation will now properly spawn Resurrection Emblem interactables in all cases.
  • Resurrection Emblems will no longer drop in locations where they can’t be reached.

•    Added a missing icon for the Helbrute’s Enraged Rush ability.
•    Fixed an issue that could cause a softlock if the Helbrute exploded during Recon mode.

Myphitic Blighthauler
  • Killing a Myphitic Blighthauler with Precision Targeting will no longer skip its death animation.
Plague Marines
  • Plague Marine wounds will now properly show when they are inflicted in Precision Targeting.
  • The Plague Champion’s Plasma Pistol will now properly have its damage modified by distance.
  • Sound effects for Hazard Spray has been timed to better match the animation.
  • The Plague Marine Overwatch animation will now play more smoothly.
  • Fixed the spawning animation for newly created Groaned Poxwalkers.
  • Smoothed out the Cultist take cover animation.
  • The Apostate Preacher will now always play the correct animation when executed while stunned.
  • Adjusted the timing of the Autogun Cultist’s reveal and Grenadier Cultist Timebomb sound effects to better match the timing of the action.
  • Bloom Branch attack animations are now better aligned.
Art Issues
  • Fixed some minor art issues with Cultists, Blightlords and Bloomspawn. These enemies should also keep better fidelity when the camera zooms in and out.
General Animations
  • 2x2 and larger enemies should not slide anymore when moving through destroyed objects.
  • Enemies should no longer face away from the direction of their Overwatch cones in some cases.
  • Enemies who have been attacked with Smite will no longer return to the incorrect idle animation in cover.
  • Enemies should no longer play their idle animations and sound effects while in fog.  
Other Enemy Bugs
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Enemy Highlight announcement to get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause enemies to have the incorrect max health after loading a save.

Event and Story

Random Events
  • The Enemy Ram Deathguard Ship event will no longer damage the same ship system twice.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Hiding in the Warp Deathguard Ship event to use the incorrect script for one of its options.
  • Fixed an issue with the Seed Resonance event that could cause your ship to be stuck in a retreating loop and unable to move.  
  • The Hologram for the Seed Resonance event will now only show a Poxus Seed since it can occur before the Nexus mission.
  • The results of the Battle Scars event will no longer apply to a Grey Knight that wasn’t chosen for the event.
  • Fixed an issue with the Solo Mission event that could cause it to forget which of your Grey Knights was on the mission and cause your save to be unable to be loaded.
  • Grey Knights that return from the Solo Mission event will now properly gain a second Talent when the script says they should and it will properly display this talent as a reward in the event text box.
  • Slightly adjusted the flickering effect on the hologram for Space Hulk - A Risky Find.
Story Events
  • The Cruciatus Hologram will now properly appear for the Cruciatus arrival event.
  • Fixed an extremely rare issue that has a small chance of causing the Nexus mission to improperly appear.  Players with saves in this state should be able to load those saves and the proper mission will now appear.
Grandmaster Reports
  • Fixed an issue that could cause you to be unable to select an option if you had exactly the required amount of Grey Knights to select an option and not more than the required amount.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some of the Armoury options to be greyed out even if you have the Requisition to upgrade them.
Nexus Story Mission
  • Flying past the Nexus mission without stopping there will no longer cause the UI to become unresponsive after the cinematic.
  • Adjusted positional audio for enemy entrances in the Nexus mission.
Optional Dialog
  • Optional dialog indicators for dialog options you haven’t listened to will properly reset when you start a New Campaign in all cases now.

Ship and Menu

Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the continue button on loading screens to not appear
  • Removed the dim box outline around the Chaos Gate logo on the main menu screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the music to be muted while in the main menu.
  • When in Windowed Mode you can snap the window now to each side monitor with Win+Cursor Keys.
  • When in Windowed Mode the maximize and minimize buttons now work.
  • Added a back button to the save pop-up so players who change their mind can back out.
Settings Menu
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the brightness setting to not properly adjust brightness in some areas of the game.
  • The Teleport Up and Teleport Down cinematics will now also be turned off if you choose the never option for ship cinematics.  This doesn’t include the very first ones when teleporting down and up from Koramar.
Mission Menu
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the planet background to disappear when teleporting down to a planet.
  • Fixed a small visual issue with the skulls in the Teleportarium when your Strike Force has fewer than 4 Grey Knights
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a softlock when selecting a Grey Knight as a reward when your Barracks are full.
  • Grey Knights should always say their own name when selecting a voice in the customisation menu.
  • Fixed a small visual issue when cycling through crests quickly in the customisation menu.
Grand Manufactorum
  • Repair times will no longer be inconsistent between the Timeline and all other places it is displayed.
  • Resolved some minor art issues with the background.
Libris Malleus
  • Seed icons in the research menu will now be in a consistent order. 
  • Fixed some minor bugs with localisation, spelling and grammar throughout all menus, languages, and events.
  • Clarified the tooltips and descriptions for some abilities and upgrades.  


Contextual Tutorials
  • Contextual Tutorials will no longer be turned off if using the Tutorial Off setting when creating a new game.  The Tutorial Off setting will now only skip the initial Kaedium Falls Tutorial and Ship Tutorial.
  • The hull repair contextual tutorial will now appear correctly the first time you enter the Manufactorum after taking hull damage.
  • Adjusted the text on the Death Guard ship combat contextual tutorial to be more readable.
Kaedium Falls Tutorial 
  • Reduced the slight pause before Agravain uses his Fury of the Ancients in the Kaedium Falls Tutorial.
  • Ship Tutorial
  • The voice-over for Vakir’s Chaos Detected tutorial and Ectar’s Go to the Teleportarium tutorial will no longer overlap.

Gamepad and Steam Deck

  • Using a PlayStation 4 controller will now display the correct button glyphs instead of Xbox controller glyphs.
  • The Report Bug button will now work while in sub-menus using a gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera could get caught out of the map boundaries when switching between a gamepad and a keyboard and mouse.
  • While in Big Screen mode and playing through Steam, the guide button on controllers will properly open the Steam Overlay.
  • Promotable Grey Knights will now properly display a green Promote button after XP has been gained at the end of a level when using a gamepad or a Steam Deck.
  • Fixed an issue that could block the movement cursor on a gamepad in some areas in the Nexus mission.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause ability selection to become stuck on the action bar when using a gamepad in a few specific situations.
  • You can now properly select and target when using a Vengeance Turret with a gamepad.


Story Cinematics
  • The asteroids in the Arrival at Gaheris cinematic will no longer disappear.
  • Grey Knight weapon visual effects will no longer float in the air during the final Nexus cutscene.
  • Skipping the Attuned Codex Toxicus 1 Cinematic will no longer cause its music to continue playing.
  • Fixed an issue that could hardlock the game if two events triggered simultaneously in some cases.
Enemy Reveals
  • Players can no longer pause the game during Enemy Reveal cutscenes.
  • During Enemy Reveal cutscenes the enemy will no longer be invisible in some cases.
Other Cinematic Bugs
  • The cursor should now disappear during cutscenes or cinematics
  • Mission Intro dialogue lines should no longer play over the top of each other.

Story and Final Battle

The fixes detailed below contain some story spoilers.  Most of these fixes increase the stability of the final boss battle in the game and the story points leading up to that point.

For those who don’t want to read the notes below and remain unspoiled, we have fixed a small number of issues that could cause the game to become locked in the final act as well as a number of minor visual issues.

*This section contains major spoilers
Kadex Attacks
  • Fixed a hardlock that could happen after the Kadex Attacks mission when loading into your next normal mission.
  • You should now be able to find the Sacrista after Dominating Kadex.
Gatekeeper - Garden of Nurgle
  • Elements of the HUD visible behind the Gatekeeper pop-up will now be properly hidden.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause problems with saves in/at the end of the Gatekeeper Mission.
Final Battle
  • On the last save point before the Final Battle we have unlocked the option to return to the main menu or exit to desktop if you want to. 
  • Some greyed out buttons on the final save point were not properly locking out input and could be clicked even though they appeared locked.  They are now properly locked.
  • A tiny model of the Baleful Edict will no longer be visible in the Teleportarium while selecting your Strike Force for the Final Battle.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Final Battle to prematurely return to the Vanguard phase if the only enemy left in the Rear Guard phase was a Foetid Bloat-drone who was in the process of using Saturation Bombing.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a revived Grey Knight to retain the Punish the Witch Affliction if they died during the Punish the Witch phase during the Final Battle and was revived afterward in a different phase.
  • Fixed a display issue for the Punish the Witch passive in Mortarion’s Unit Info View that could cause it to show up in the middle of the screen rather than in the right panel.
  • Removed a small box outline that was around Vakir’s soul.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a softlock during the Final Battle if a Plague Champion tried to apply Assault Order to Mortarion. Mortarion is no longer affected in any way by Assault Order and Plague Champions won’t target him. 
  • All corruption terrain in the Final Battle is now destructible this will stop an issue that could cause Mortarion to become stuck.
  • Mortarion’s Mortal Enmity Auto ability will now trigger on any melee hit made against him by Kaldor Draigo, not just critical hits.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Mortarion’s Crit Vulnerability to display the incorrect amount while he was grounded.
  • It will now be possible to click the Unit Info View button for Mortarion with a mouse. 
Kaldor Draigo
  • Added a passive Trait to Kaldor Draigo that reminds the player that Draigo can be Critically Wounded any number of times unless banished by Mortarion.
  • Teleport will now properly deal damage to Draigo if he is affected by the Punish the Witch Affliction.
  • Draigo’s Emperor’s Aegis ability will now properly preview the amount of armour gained.

*Spoilers End

Known Issues

  • Some kill count achievements do not trigger on the Epic Games Store.
  • The audio for a grenade leaving a Grey Knight’s hand may not play
  • It is possible for a Foetid Bloat-drone (Fleshmower) to move into an exploding barrel and be no longer targetable by melee attacks
  • The Foetid Bloat-drone (Fleshmower)'s drum can float away from the enemy when shot while the ability "Foetid Charge" is activated
  • There are some instances where the HUD can overlap tutorial bubbles depending on where the camera is positioned
  • A dialogue option for Vakir may show at an incorrect point
  • A rare issue where a movement square can appear outside of the map
  • Ward of the Aegis may show an incorrect trait when obtained as an Armoury Reward
    • The correct information will show when viewing the armour in the Barracks
  • (Duty Eternal DLC) A rare issue can occur where the Venerable Dreadnought can be killed when first encountering it
  • (Duty Eternal DLC) Combat Servitors may sometimes play voice lines when they shouldn’t


Lead humanity’s greatest weapon, the Grey Knights, against the corrupting forces of Nurgle!

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